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Nuclear Medicine

Absorbed Dose ALERT System

BEXXAR - Preparation and Shipping

Decontamination & Accessories

Dose Calibrators

Dose Calibrator Software

Dose Calibrator Accessories

Flood sources


Imaging Tables, Aids & Accessories

Laminar Flow & Radiation Fume Hoods

Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture

Lung Ventilation Systems

Nuclear Cardiology Products

Nuclear Medicine Procedure Manual

Personal Radiation Protection

Phantoms & Accessories

Radiation Detection

Radiation Shielding & Storage Products

Radioactive medical sources

Radiopharmacy Quality Control

Syringe Shields & Vial Shields

Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine

Thyroid Uptake Systems & Well Counters

Warning Signs & Labels

Wipe Counters & Accessories

ZEVALIN - Preparation and Shipping

PET Products

PET FDG Dispenser

PET Radioactive Sources

PET Scanner Sources

PET Dose Calibrators and Accessories

Additonal PET Accessories

Additional PET Shielding

PET Dose Drawing Systems

PET L-Block Shields

PET Mobile Radiation Shields

PET Monitors

PET Phantoms

PET Shipping Systems

PET Storage Cabinet

PET Syringe Shields

Wireless Sentinel Node Probe

CRYSTAL Surgical Gamma Probe System

Handheld Gamma Camera

NM Dose Calibrator Software

3D Brain Phantom


Therapy Dose Calibrators

Pro-RT Phantoms


Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Pro-CT Phantoms

Film Processor QC

Ionization Chambers

Mammography Phantoms

Mammography Test Tools

QC Products for Film Illuminators

Radiation Monitors/Electrometers

Radiation Protection

Pro-RF Phantoms

Other QC Phantoms

Radiography/Fluoroscopy QC Test Tools

Pro-QC Test Devices

Ultrasound Phantoms

X-Ray Test Instruments


Magnetic Resonance

Non-destructive Testing

QA Software Pro Phantoms

Pro Quality Control Kits


Radiography / Fluoroscopy


Computed Tomography

Magnetic Resonance