HVL Attenuators

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Permit accurate half-value layer determinations.

Aluminum - For HVL determinations of mid-range generators (80 to 140 kVp). Set of 11 filters (10cm x 10cm) includes five of 1.0 mm thickness, two of 0.5mm, and four of 0.1mm. Type-1100 aluminum. Weight: 15lb (.06 kg).

Copper - For HVL determinations of high-range x-ray generators (140 to 400 kVp). Set of 10 filters (10cm x 10cm) includes four of 1.0 mm thickness, two of 0.5 mm, and four of 0.1 mm.Weight: 1.25lbs (.56kg)

0695-0093 Aluminum HVL Attenuators, Set of 11
0695-0094 Copper HVL Attenuators, Set of 10