X-Ray Output Detector

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  • The X-ray Output Detector provides a means of calibrating and trouble shooting x-ray generators. The Detector output is designed to be connected directly to an oscilloscope. The x-ray waveform can be observed to find a wide variety of problems inherent in x-rays. X-ray waveforms can be documented by using a digital scope, a storage scope or an oscilloscope camera.

The detector is simply placed in the x-ray beam, then the BNC connector on the end of the cable is connected to the oscilloscope. The resulting oscilloscope display represents the intensity-time relationship of the x-ray beam.

The detector is weighted to make it easy to place under the x-ray.


  • Two Year Warrenty
  • Attached 6 foot cable
  • Weighted detector
  • Compact design


  • X-ray Calibration
  • X-ray Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Quality Control
  • Documentation


  • Output 200 mV peak minimum at 80 kVp, 50 mA, 15cm (6”) height;
  • Minimum Oscilloscopes Impedance 100k Ohms (Oscilloscopes are typically 1 or 10 megOhm);
  • Cable length - 1.8 meter minimum;
  • Physical Size of detector 52 x 34 x 15mm (2.1 x 1.3 x .6”);
  • Oscilloscope connection - standard BNC

0695-0063 X-Ray Output Detector