Stereotactic Needle Biopsy Training Phantom

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A tissue equivalent, compressible biopsy training phantom, that wont leak.

This phantom closely mimics properties of the human breast. It is an ideal teaching tool and practice medium for mammographic needle biopsy procedures. The phantom also serves as an excellent quality assurance testing device for stereotactic systems and should be used whenever a new system is installed or repaired to insure accurate needle placement.

Each solid mass can be biopsied multiple times. The phantom is constructed from a solid material so it will not leak when punctured. The phantom is an excellent research and development or demonstration tool for manufacturers of mammography equipment.

Phantom Features

  • Compressible
  • Proprietary gel simulates the physical density and mass attenuation of  "BR 12”
  • A physical consistency similar to human tissue combined with an elastic, skin-like membrane enables palpation of embedded structures and accurately simulates needle resistance
  • Anthropomorphic shape for accurate simulation of breast compression
  • Gel will not dry out after initial needle punctures thus extending storage life
  • Contains dense masses and calcifications

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