292 Therarad

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Bringing the Latest Technology toYour Therapy Department

This system provides the user with various exposure ranges, quick response time, reliability and the accessories necessary for today’s Radiation Therapy Department. The 292 Therarad may be used for general radiation field measurements; transfer of calibration; calibration and/or confirmation of monitor unit or timer and storage scope for monitoring of output beam stability.

High Accuracy and Extreme Sensitivity
The 292 Therarad will provide direct accurate readout of exposure or exposure rate for probes as small as 0.01 ml. Due to its sensitivity and stability, the 292 Therarad can be useful as aCurrent-Meter and/or Charge-Meter.

Simple to Use
With its built-in flexibility and superior performance, the 292 will please any user. It is ideal for research applications. The software is designed to allow the use of an optional CRC chamber for Brachytherapy. The design is based on many years of experience in building the top rated family of CRC Dose Calibrators and Digital Exposure/Exposure Rate Meters.


  • Measurements can be performed in Total Mode and in Rate Mode
  • Display of exposure/exposure Rate/dose dose/rate
  • Up to 100 measured results can be stored
  • Up to 30 min. of exposure-rate or current time profile may be displayed or printed graphically
  • Data transfer to a PC during measurement
  • Setup of Linac Data, machine data, chamber data and additional models via PC
  • Early warning when battery voltage is low.
  • Early warning prior to termination of exposure measurement
  • Automated QA measurement and printout of QA results test and self diagnosis
  • Automatic zero background compensation
  • Pressure and temperature compensation correction(manual or auto)
  • Research option, eg. decay calculation function,chamber saturation measurement


Exposure Ranges -The following exposure ranges are available when the 0.6 cm3 chamber is connected to the 292 Therarad.
Exposure Rate : 15 - 5,000 nA
Exposure : 0 - 99 kR

Iometer (low input impedance Electrometer)
Current Mode - 5.000 pA - 50.00 nA
Charge Mode - 0 - 99 mC

Current Accuracy/Integration Accuracy

Current Measurement Accuracy
Primary Calibration Range: Better than +0.3% (High range, sensitive 1.000 nA to 4.999 nA)
All Other Ranges: Better than +0.5%

Linearity: Better than +0.2% of full scale

+15C to 35 C, within +0.3%
10 - 40C within +0.5%
Zero Drift 15 C to 35C. N/A
Automatically nullified for each measurement.

Current Leakage - Less than 10 fA. Automatically compensated for each measurement

Special Low Noise Cable - Triaxial, specially fabricated for our Exposure Meters. Longer cable lengths up to 250 feet, or cable extensions can be supplied as an option.

Bias Potential - 0 - + 150, 300, 500 volts - The bias potential may be changed and set for each chamber through software settings.

292 Therarad System