Nuclemed offers a wide range of attenuation correction Line Sources for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) studies.

 A SPECT image is developed by measuring a collimated radiation beam emitted from a patient’s body. The radiation beam is produced by injecting a known radiopharmaceutical into the patient. SPECT image quality can suffer from unquantified attenuation effects caused as the beam passes through tissue of varying density and thickness. A line source is used to produce a "control beam" that is measured concurrently with the "radiopharmaceutical beam". The two beams are integrated and patient specific attenuation is calculated. The resulting image is of higher quality than an image produced without attenuation correction. Typical Line (Attenuation) Sources for SPECT studies include Gd-153 and Co-57.

Sources are configured in both line and point geometries. The nuclides, activities and dimensions are manufactured in accordance with OEM Camera manufacturer specifications. Line sources are singly or doubly encapsulated with welded joints.