PET - Manipulation description (step 7-9)

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Step 7

In case of manual administration the protective sheath of the needle is to be removed using the Lever PT230R0 before administering the activity to the patient.

In case of automatic administration the syringe inside the shield is relocated into the Automatic Administering stand PT353R6 after removing the needle or the stopper using the Simple stand PT326R0 or PT326R1 again. The connecting "T" piece with diaphragm for a needle, a syringe containing saline solution and a short connecting tube are prepared in the stand beforehand.

Step 8

The administering person connects the patient to the tube leading to the syringes, choose the mode of administration and starts the administration.

Step 9

The Movable table with a screen and a waste container PT275R0 helps to handle all necessary materials next to the patient and protects the administering person at the same time.

After the administration (preselected procedure) has been finished wastes are deposited in the shielded  container incorporated in the table PT275R0.