Pro-MRI SpineRect

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Rectangular MRI phantom simulating attenuation of the human spine.

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications):

  • inner dimensions: 372mm x 150mm x 148mm
  • made of PMMA
  • filled with nickel chloride and sodium chloride solution
  • markings on the surface to show middle axes of the phantom
  • carrying handles for easy transportation

Product features:

  • Complies with:
    – ACR MRI Accreditation Program
    – IPEM Report 80 Quality Control in MRI, 1998
    – AAPM Rep. 28 Quality Assurance methods & phantoms for MRI, 1990
    – AAPM Rep. 34 Acceptance testing of MRI systems, 1992
    – AAPM Rep. 100 Acceptance & Quality Assurance procedures for MRI facilities, 2010
  • CE certified
  • the Manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration


Pro-MRI SpineRect - 09-201