CRC®-15R Enhanced Software

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Add more functionality to your CRC-15R Dose Calibrator with the CRC-15R ENHANCED SOFTWARE, with all of the same great features of the CRC-15R plus a few new ones.

  • Inventory control
  • Dose table calculations
  • Newly added linearity protocol
  • Radiochromatography QC package
  • Built in geometry testing

The CRC-15R ENHANCED SOFTWARE will still perform the Daily QC protocol, zero adjust, background subtraction, system test, accuracy (with a deviation percentage) and constancy. In addition, the software will calculate dose tables, perform geometry tests (for between 2 and 10 measurements), do radiochromatography, calculate linearity (using standard, Lineator or Calicheck methods) and maintain a radiopharmaceutical inventory of kits or unit doses. All of the acquired data are printable.

The CRC-15R Enhanced Software is an available option in all new CRC-15R Dose Calibrators or it can be added to your existing CRC-15R.


  • Quality and reliability
  • Calculation of a printable dose table
  • Inventory control - maintains inventory of unit doses and kits
  • Linearity test - calculates a report for standard, lineator and calicheck methods
  • Geometry test showing variations for 2 to 10different measurements
  • Radiochromatography of kit QC strips - one strip,two strip, HMPAO and MAG3