Shielded Platform

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The dose calibrator shielded work platform is designed to reduce the dose received by the technologist when transferring activity in and out of the dose calibrator. The unit can be mounted on any dose calibrator chamber without the need of tools and can be readily moved between calibrator chambers.The shielded work platform is constructed of steel, providing a large, sturdy working surface with easy access to the chamber well. It was designed specifically to increase technologist safety and efficiency when working with radioactive materials.

Shields containing a vial or syringe to be assayed can be placed on the working surface, behind the leaded glass, before opening


  • Leaded Glass: equivalent to 2 mm lead. Double paneglass is available
  • Work Platform: 10" (25.4cm) deep x 12" (30.5 cm) wide
  • Platform Coating: Epoxy enamel
  • Weight: 15 lb (6.8kg)

5150-1074 Shielded Platform with 2mm lead glass
5150-3001 Shielded Platform with 4mm lead glass