CAP-MAC-2 Canister And T-MAC Systems

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Superior Radiation Safety for Generator and Kit Users

The CAP-MAC-2 or the T-MAC system will provide a fast, efficient and safer way to handle elution vials or radiopharmaceutical kits. The CAP-MAC-2 has a lead vial canister and the T-MAC has a tungsten vial canister, both providing exceptional shielding. No matter which canister is chosen the user will receive outstanding protection from hand, eye and whole body exposure due to handling of high activity vials.

Both canisters can accommodate a 5-20ml vial that will allow the user to "milk" a generator, reconstitute a kit or draw a dose without removing the vial from the protective shield. In addition, the CAP-MAC/T-MAC Systems have a special hanger design to facilitate the safe handling of generator elution or reconstituted kits. Simply place the shielded vial into the hanger and slide the entire assembly into any CRC Dose Calibrator for a quick and accurate Mo99 breakthrough measurement or a current Tc99m elution or kit activity measurement.

All of this is accomplished without having to handle an unshielded vial. Maximize your departments regulatory compliance by minimizing your exposure. Note: When ordering your CAP-MAC-2 or T-MAC System always specify the generator manufacturer.


  • Fits all CRC Dose Calibrators
  • Permits Mo-99 and Tc-99m assays with no exposure to unshielded vial
  • Allows generator to elute directly into canister
  • Reduces hand and eye exposure by factor of 6
  • Accommodates 5 to 20 ml vials
  • T-MAC offers smaller, unbreakable canister
  • Canisters may be used with “Kit” vials to store and measure activity contained, without removing the vial from the shield
  • New and improved hanger for smoother operation

5130-0108 CAP-MAC-2 Complete (Mallinckrodt)
5130-0109 CAP-MAC-2 Complete (NEN/Dupont)
5130-3100 T-MAC Complete Assembly (Mallinckrodt)
5130-0107 T-MAC Complete Assembly(NEN/Dupont)
7310-2654 Tungsten Canister Only
5120-0192 Tungsten Canister Only (Mallinckrodt)
5120-0195 Tungsten Canister Only (NEN/Dupont)
5120-2199 NEN/Dupont Lead Canister
5120-2200 Mallinckrodt Lead Canister
5120-2055 Medi-Physics Lead Canister
5120-2192 Holder Only

Complete units include canister and holder