Okidata Printer

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Fastest Printer in its Class...

For use with the CRC-15R, CRC-15W, CRC-15 BETA and CRC-127R, the Okidata MicrolineTM 320i provides for ease of use and rugged reliability. It is rated for 5,000 hours and offers Near Letter Quality documents plus high-resolution graphics with only 9 pins. An automatic paper park feature lets you switch quickly to and from continuous feed paper to sheet-fed printing without removing the tractor paper. Tickets are easily inserted and properly indexed to print in the proper alignment, every time.

5130-0074 120V Printer (15R)
5110-1150 220V Printer (15R)
8400-0217 Printer Cable (8’ serial)
8400-1127 Printer Cable (6’ Parallel)
5110-0130-OPT RS-232 (712M)
5120-1136-OPT RS-232 (127R)
5130-0080 RS-232 (For CRC-15R)
9282-0009 Paper Rolls (12 pack)
9282-0010 Paper Rolls (50 case)