Epson Ticket Printer

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This hard working printer made by Epson is offered as an option for the CRC-15 Family of Dose Calibrators, CRC-Beta Enhanced Counter, CAPRAC and the CAPRAC-R Well/Wipe Counters. It allows individual tickets to be positioned easily for printing. The printer automatically aligns the ticket and after printing feeds it out the back. Although designed for tickets, standard paper can be used and is printed along one side. Suggested tickets for the Ticket Printer are the CRP-200 and CRP-700.

5130-0074 120V Printer (15R)
5110-1150 220V Printer (15R)
8400-0217 Printer Cable (8’ serial)
8400-1127 Printer Cable (6’ Parallel)
5430-0100 Epson Ticket Printer