Epson Roll Printer

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The Epson roll printer makes an excellent companion to the CRC-15 Family of Dose Calibrators, CRC-Beta Enhanced Counter, CRC-127R Dose Calibrator, CAPRAC and the CAPRAC-R Well/Wipe Counters. This very compact printer is ideal in locations where space is at a premium. Abuilt-in self-test function reviews the printer’s condition.The Epson model uses an easily accessible ribbon cartridge that prints Red or Black. Selected for its long life and exceptional reliability, we offer this printer as a valuable accessory to our products.

5130-0074 120V Printer (15R)
5110-1150 220V Printer (15R)
8400-0217 Printer Cable (8’ serial)
8400-1127 Printer Cable (6’ Parallel)
5430-0058 Epson Printer
9282-0009 Paper Rolls (12 pack)
9282-0010 Paper Rolls (50 case)
2001-0055 Ribbon Cartridge (Red/Black) Epson Roll