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Eliminate Ergonomic Problems and Reduce Radiation Dose to Staff

Dosilift is a pneumatically driven system for the transfer of vials or syringes with radioactivity to the measuring position in the dose calibrator ionization chamber. Both lifting power and speed can be optimized in accordance with individual needs.In striving to comply with ALARA, many departments are looking for ways to reduce hand exposure for the staff. Because it operates remotely the Dosilift does not require the technologist or pharmacist to place a hand over the well to lower the sample into the chamber. The Dosilift eliminates ergonomic problems that can occur if the sample holder is introduced into the measuring chamber when the chamber is recessed into a counter or a fume hood. The Dosilift can be connected to a normal hospital air line because the system has a built-in pressure regulator. The air consumption is very light allowing the Dosilift to be connected to a small air container. The system is simple to install and can be mounted without any attachments on the top of the ionization chamber. Ideal for high energy PET applications to reduce hand dose.


  • Facilitates lowering and raising of syringes or vials into the dose calibrator chamber remotely
  • Ideal for radiopharmacy or PET operations
  • Operated by hand or foot pedal
  • Helps to reduce radiation dose. Hand doses are reduced to a minimum
  • Allows ionization chamber to be located in places not easily accessible
  • No batteries required; operates by air pressure

5120-2175 Dosilift