Captus® 3000 Reports (2)

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MCA Spectrum Report

The Multi-Channel Analyzer is very user friendly, ROI’s can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with predefined regions or the user can define them. Protocols can be defined for real time, live time or acquired counts. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest. All results can be saved in the database or exported to a spreadsheet.

Schilling Test Report

In vitro lab test protocols are incorporated into the software; the user has access to Schilling, Dicopac®, RBC Survival and both Cr51 and I125 blood volume studies. The program will integrate all patient demographic, physician and dose data and will perform automatic result calculations. By utilizing the report functionality all of the test data can be documented in a hardcopy format (Schillingis displayed) for physician review or for documentation in the patients file

Staff Bioassay Report

The bio assay allows for the quick and efficient measurement of the staff thyroid burden for I-123, I-125 or I-131. Measurement results can be reported inCPM’s or uCi’s. In order to meet regulatory requirements a cumulative history can be maintained on the computer and/or printed out for a hardcopy record