Captus® 3000 Upgrade Package

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We have integrated the latest software and hardware to produce our most accurate and efficient Thyroid Uptake and Well Counting system yet, the Captus 3000. If you currently have a Captus 600, 1000 or 2000 it can be easily upgraded to a new Captus 3000 and give you all of the exceptional functionality that goes along with it.

The Captus 3000 has a completely redesigned software package, with Quality Assurance,Thyroid Uptakes, Wipe Testing, Bio assay, Multi-Channel Analyzer and Lab Tests (Schilling, Dicopac, RBC Survival, I125 & Cr51 Blood Volumes). All of the functions are easily accessed through "Fly Over" control bars (no searching for drop-down menus). The modifications needed and the cost involved in upgrading an older Captus system will vary.

5430-0118 Captus Upgrade W/ New MCA Card
5430-0119 Captus Upgrade W/ out New MCA Card