Pediatrics And/Or Bio-Assay Collimator & Table Top Stand

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The collimator shown on the Table Top Stand is especially used for Thyroid Uptakes on pediatric patients. The reduced field-of-view is perfect for a smaller size thyroid without picking up unwanted body activity. When bioassay is the main function of the system, the shorter length collimator allows the detector to be within a closer distance of thyroid for enhanced sensitivity. The system is perfect for use in a Radiopharmacy.

The Table Top Stand is an excellent alternative to the floor stand when space is at a premium. This stand is designed to work with the CAPTUS 3000 and the CAPTUS 600 Thyroid Uptake Systems. The Table Top Stand is very stable when placed on a sturdy table or bench, yet the unit may be easily moved to another location when desired. When fitted with a drilled crystal, the stand acts as a Well Detector System.


  • Small size makes the Table Top Stand perfect for small departments and clinics
  • Large 2" x 2" NaI (Tl) crystal for highest sensitivity
  • Same style and quality collimator or available with standard pediatric collimator as Captus 3000 or 600
  • Rotates a full 360° with large locking knobs for ease of placement

5430-2038-OPT Table Top Stand
5420-3110 Pediatric/Bio-Assay Collimator