Drilled Well Crystal

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We offer a Drilled Crystal that is matched to fit the collimator for the CAPTUS 3000 or the CAPTUS 600 Thyroid Uptake Systems. If your system is not located in an area where high activities would cause high background, the drilled crystal is a low cost alternative to purchasing a well counter. The drilled crystal replaces the flat faced crystal in the thyroid probe and becomes both a thyroid detector and a well detector without loss of sensitivity.

This crystal is the same quality as the rest of the excellent NaI (Tl) crystals. A special “dipper” is used to lower samples into the well, to reduce the possibility of damage. There is also a well liner of very thin plastic that is shipped with each crystal (replacements are available)


  • Same sensitivity as flat field crystal for thyroid uptake
  • Lower cost alternative to purchase of additional well counter
  • Improved geometry for counting wipes

5430-0081 Drilled Well Crystal
7310-1306 Dipper for Well Crystal
5120-0176 Well Liner (pkg. of 5)