Captus® 700t Printouts

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Thyroid Uptake Measurement

The CAPTUS® 700t speeds you through uptakes with accurate results and professional color reports. Our thyroid uptake program allows for three different protocols and the choice of I-123, I-131 or Tc-99m. Simply select your protocol, enter patient data and start the procedure. All screens prompt you automatically for the proper measurement. The CAPTUS® 700t also shows the full spectrum display of each acquisition. A pre-dose feature allows checking of activity levels before starting the procedure; any residual activity is automatically subtracted from the patient measurements during the uptake.

At the completion of the test, a full report can be printed which includes patient data, dosage information, measured values, uptake results
and even a graph of the study!

Staff Thyroid Burden Measurement

Through the Bioassay program, the CAPTUS® 700t measures and calculates the system efficiency for I-123, I-125, and I-131 in order to provide the most accurate results. The CAPTUS®- 700t calculates and displays your staff member data for review.

Results can be printed individually, or, by selecting the ALL option, making your record keeping a snap!

Autocalibration, System Test, Chi Square Test & MDA

Autocalibration and system test have never been easier thanks to the smart software of the CAPTUS® 700t. System testing simply requires selecting the TEST button, selecting probe or well, inserting the source and pressing START! The CAPTUS® 700t automatically adjusts the gain of the MCA, calculates the FWHM value of the detector, and prints the results.

Chi-Square testing is just as simple! Set counting time and counting repetitions and then you’re ready to start acquisitions. The system calculates all the results for you, displays them for your review and prints them automatically. There is even an MDA module (Minimum Detectable Activity). Based upon a user selectable count time and choice of isotope, MDA calculates the minimum detectable activity of the system.