Captus® 700t Well Counting System

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The CAPTUS® 700t Well System offers a full-featured MCA at a budget saving price. The unit has an 8” VGA touch screen display, that is intuitive and easy to learn. The display offers onscreen prompts for each program section that guide the user through every step.

This high-quality system provides a fast, accurate, inexpensive method of performing wipe test, blood volume, schilling test, and RBC Survival.

The CAPTUS® 700t easily performs wipe test counting with full cpm/dpm reporting. Thanks to its high performance 512 channel MCA, nuclides are identified automatically. Corresponding ROIs can also be displayed.

Whether you choose the dedicated well counter or optional drilled crystal configuration, the CAPTUS® 700t offers you up to 5 wipe categories with adjustable trigger levels for each category, dpm reporting, full spectrum display and complete report printing.

To meet NRC requirements, the CAPTUS® 700t includes a section for wipe tests on packages received.

Blood and Plasma Volume section offers both I-125 and Cr-51 methods giving step-by-step guidance through the counting procedure with automatic calculation of the results. The test procedure calculates whole blood volume, red cell volume and plasma volume.


  • 8” VGA LCD Color Touch Screen Display
  • Meets all state and NRC wipe-test requirements
  • Both 1” and 2” shielded wells accept standard size tubes with a removable top shield for ease of counting larger samples
  • Laboratory software for wipe test, blood volume, schilling and RBC survival studies
  • On screen display of a complete 512 channel MCA with presets, multiple ROIs and configuration archiving
  • Automatic self-calibration with daily test and Chi Square program
  • Full 2" by 2" NaI drilled well crystal with a brass lined well to minimize backscatter from lead X-rays
  • Choice of 1" (2.5 cm) or 2" (5cm) lead shielding
  • Bio-Assay detects presence of I-125, I-131 & I-123
  • Expanded MCA allows protocols to be saved without re-entry
  • Automatic Peak Search with user-definable protocols for wipes
  • Direct readouts are in CPM, DPM, Curie and Bequerel with energy spectrum
  • Up to 4 pre-set ROIs can be entered in the setup, or before each use


  • Detector: Well type NaI (Tl) 2" x 2" crystal with the following :
    Well Diameter Standard 1.6 cm max (5/8") - Optional 1.6 cm max (5/8")
    Well Depth Standard 4 cm (1 1/2") - Optional 4 cm(1 1/2")
    Lead Shielding Standard 2.5 cm ( 1") - Optional 5 cm ( 2")
    (Both wells are lined with brass to minimize backscatter )
  • Okidata 184 Turbo Microline printer: 80 column dot matrix, near letter quality, print results of studies including graphic displays
  • Power Requirements: Standard: 115V .25A 90-127V 50-60Hz, Optional: 220V .125A 180-250V 50-60HZ (With circuit protections, line
    filter and isolation transformer)

000000000  CAPTUS 700t Well Counting System
5430-0069  Optional 2" Shielding Well Detector