Captus® 4000e - Custom Protocol Software

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We are very excited to introduce our new Custom Protocol Software for the Captus® 4000e.  The Custom Protocol works in conjunction with your existing Captus® 4000e to turn any user into a programmer.

As Nuclear Medicine moves forward, new and exciting diagnostic studies will be developed. With the Custom Protocol Software, it is remarkably easy to design and execute your own protocol to keep pace with cutting-edge research.


Perfect for facilities that need to perform repeated protocols that are not widely adopted

Gives you the flexibility needed to collect almost any type of data required for the study

Perform simple or complex data analysis

Create standard reports

Available for use with all existing and new Captus® 4000e Systems

Analysis and report generation is performed in Microsoft Excel Integration with Excel allows analysis of data and reporting to be at any level of is completely user defined


0960-0152 Custom Protocol