Captus® 4000e - Well Counting System

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The Captus® 4000e Well Counting System has state-of-the-art wipe testing with a simple menu-driven format and an all-in-one computer system. The system will perform a peak search on each wipe identifying any contamination by peak and by nuclide. The user decides how many wipe locations are entered; there are no location limits. Trigger levels may be selected on a user-specified limit set to flag wipes above a specific activity level. Wipes may be grouped by location.


Lab Tests

1024 Multichannel Analyzer- Timed Activity Module

Wipe testing module allows flexibility of pre-defined or user groupings

Improved data storage, archive and reporting functions

"Quick Start" menu

Automated Quality Assurance, including energy calibration, Chi-Squared and MDA functions

Sophisticated MCA includes automatic and manual calibration, timed activity feature for automatic repetitive timed measurements, live time, real time and total counts presets


Desktop computer system

MCA interface PC board: 1024 channels.

Maximum count rate of 100,000 cps.

ROI’s are automatic or manual.

Preset live time, real time or total counts.

Automatic peak-finding.

Drilled well with 1" lead shielding (optional 2’ shielding available) and brass liner.

Calibration sources: Cs-137 and Eu-152 (calibrated exempt sources provided at no charge).

Power requirements: (With circuit protection, line filter and isolation transformer)- Standard: 115V 90-127V 50-60HZ; Optional: 220V 180-250V 50-60HZ


Auto Calibration For Well- The Autocalibrate module provides high voltage, zero offset and automatic gain adjustment; as well as a linearity correction and constancy test. Also included in QA are automatic chi-square and MDA calculation selections. Finally, the program has the ability to automatically perform efficiency calculation and storage for various isotopes.

Wipe History- The highly versatile wipe test module will allow users to establish as many locations as needed and to arrange the locations into either pre-defined or user-defined groupings. The program will perform an automatic peak and isotope identification of wipe results in order to advise the user of the type contamination encountered. There are pre-set trigger levels loaded or the user can define their own trigger levels, either way the results will flag any wipe that exceeds a trigger. Finally, the system will maintain a history of wipe results that can be printed as a whole or in part.

MCA Spectrum Report- The Multi-Channel Analyzer is very user friendly. ROI’s can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with predefined regions or the user can define them. Protocols can be defined for real time, live time or acquired counts. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest. All results can be saved in the database or exported to a spreadsheet.

Lab Test Report- In vitro lab test protocols are incorporated into the software; the user has access to Schilling, RBC Survival and both Cr51 and I125 blood volume studies. The program will integrate all patient demographic, physician and dose data and will perform automatic result calculations. By utilizing the report functionality all of the test data can be documented in a hardcopy format for physician review or for documentation in the patients file.


5430-30152 Captus® 4000e Well Counting System


5430-0069 Optional Well Detector with 2" Lead Shield

0960-0152 Custom Protocol

5420-0090 Test Tubes (100 Count)